Dealer Digital Marketing

Leverage industry-best online marketing services from CBC Advertising, one of the most experienced dealer advertising agencies in the business.

Media Research

Take the guessing out of your automotive dealer media buying with CBC Advertising and Research Partners Media Habits Research Program.

Spotlight on Success

Lee Motor Company has blossomed from two dealerships in a small town, to eight over three states. Read more about the Lee-CBC partnership and how they've grown their business.

Media Buying & TV/Radio Production

A blend of traditional advertising with digital marketing is a strong foundation and winning strategy to enhance your branding and deliver real results from every media dollar spent.

Online Advertising

Outrank your competition in every corner of the digital world. We’ll bring buying customers into your dealership with the full spectrum of dealer online marketing. Pay per click, car dealer search engine optimization, social media and reputation management and banner ads are just a few of the digital tools we use to grow your business.

Graphic Solutions

Get high-impact, results-driven graphic design for building your bottom line. CBC’s Graphic Solutions is your one-stop to make any idea a reality.

Choose CBC Advertising for your Auto Advertising

With over 30 years of car dealer advertising experience, CBC Advertising is the automotive advertising agency that can take your car dealership marketing to the next level.

Since 1983, CBC Advertising has helped more good dealers take that next step and improve their market position with cost-effective and proven automotive advertising strategies that maximize their ROI and reach their target audience. Our dealership media buyers have long leveraged CBC’s proprietary Media Habits Research program to find the most efficient channels to advertise on, optimizing efficiency and eliminating waste – all while operating with accountability and total transparency.

And with a whole suite of car dealer advertising solutions, CBC has evolved with the automotive industry with services to satisfy any need. CBC provides affordability and accountability with dynamic automotive SEM, engaging Car Dealer Social Media Management, robust Automotive Reputation Management and industry-best car dealer SEO, focusing on your needs to be at the top of the search engines. Couple dealer online marketing with our renowned automotive TV spots and car dealer radio spots, auto dealer newspaper ads, car dealer direct mail and car dealer parts and service advertising and you’re looking at the foundation for our winning combination.

Partnering with CBC Advertising also networks you with some of the most successful and forward thinking dealerships in North America. CBC has been Galpin Ford’s advertising agency for over 20 years. CBC has been the Faulkner Organization’s dealership advertising agency since the early 1990s. We’ve been Brandon Ford’s dealer advertising agency for over a decade and we represent over 100 dealerships advertising needs from coast to coast, including international clients in Canada and the Virgin Islands.

Our car dealer advertising agency prides itself on providing real results with sustainable returns, all while operating with total transparency. We’re not the type of agency that blasts into a situation and sacrifices long-term gains for short term results. We help our clients build sustainable dealer advertising plans and execute them with sharp precision.

Car Dealer Advertising: CBC Understands the Car Business & Delivers Results

Do you have a compelling story to tell? Is dealership advertising and marketing your greatest challenge? If your dealership is ready to take a step forward, CBC Advertising is ready to help you reach your potential in all profit centers. All it takes is a goal and a willingness to improve and we’ll help you refine your vision with our proven approaches. Over 100 dealerships trust us with their automotive advertising and branding and we’re always looking for good dealers who we can take to the next level.

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